Red part 1

“Ah this long queue, abeg” I said as I approached the ATM beside our house.
I stood for a few minutes, “when will it come to my turn, gaskiya Banda lokaci let me be going” I said to my self as I took my leave
. “Hello come and go before me” called out a young man. I turned
“Ah thank you” I quickly ran in front of him as the people in the queue grumbled.
Thank you I said with a big smile.
You are welcome he said.
To be frank with you I didn’t give him a second look, I withdrew my money, thanked him and I was on my way.
He quickly followed me.
“I didn’t catch your name miss”
“I didn’t throw it” I said.
Haba now this is not how you respond to your knight in shining armour
Knight ke” i let out a loud laugh
“Ok what’s your name at least, do you mind if I drop you?” He asked.
“My house is down the road so don’t worry and yes my name is Fatima”
“Oh you see this is meant to be, you have my mom”s name, can I call you mama na?”
“Well you can call me Ummi, that’s what my family call me ” I said.
“Can I see your phone” he asked
“why” I asked as I looked at my shattered screen. I quickly hid it with my veil.
I want to dial my number, so you can have my number, you need me in your life” He said with a smirk
“Is that what you say to every girl” I asked
“No just the ones I like” he said
‘Let me go”
I wouldn’t let you go until you give me your number or instagram handle or snap” he said smiling
For the first time we locked eyes, I felt some electric surge down my body, he is a fine man I ain’t got lie.
“08134435581, can I go now?”
“Wait now, haba mana ummi na”
“Ummin ka? You are such a charmer just now now I am your ummi?” I asked with a smile.
“Yo da ta wacece”
Tun da kinki na rage miki hanya shi ke nan. He opened his car and started the ignition.
Suddenly my phone rang.

“Aren’t you going to pick that? Mijin ki na kira baza ki dauka ba” he said with a broad smile and drove off
Omo wetting be this, this guy wan carry me go where I no know!!!

Hello, ya how far kana ina? I asked as I placed a call to jibrilla
Jibrilla is my best fried and my partner in crime.
“Guy I just met the girl of my dreams”
“Please free me, I don’t have energy for your dreams or your girls” he said
“Walahi this girl is what I want, exactly fa komai da komai “ I said.
“ Yanzu dai where are you, are you in the office”
“No walahi Baba sent me to Senator Rufai’s office to drop some documents, on my way as we speak, lets just meet later at the spot” he said
“Ba matsala, see you later” I said
Just then I realised I forgot to withdraw the money that made me stop at the ATM in the first place. Shit!!!!
I drove back to the office but all day Fatima was on my mind.
How can a person be so perfect. Her height, her complexion her smile, her shape. chai I don die!!!
“I should call her, its been 5 hours” I thought to my self
Another mind said “Calm down Nigga ka ciki zakewa, don’t call now, leave till later”
Yes I wouldn’t call. Not now
As I was saying I wasn’t going to call my hands were already dialling.
“Fatima? Did you miss me”
“Who is this? She asked
That hit me like a bad joke
“Its Ahmed, we met earlier, remember?”
“ Ahmed, Ahmed Ahmed? No doesn’t ring a bell” she said playfully.
“Har kin sa gaba na ya fadi, walahi you’ve been on my mind all day”
“Lol why? You just met me” she said
“Kinsan ALLAH ne ya Kawo ni ATM din nan just to meet you, coz I don’t even know what brought me to that street in the first place, I never follow that route, and kinsan I didn’t even withdraw the money?” I said
“Kiranye na maka” she said playfully
“What is kiranye” I asked
“It means I used jazz to bring you to me” she said with a laugh
“Yes please jazz me I am all yours, dan kam na fola gabaki daya” we both laughed.
So what are you doing, can I come over”
As we were talking an incoming call kept interrupting.
“Let me call you back just one minute, I need to pick up a call”
“Hello babe ya dai?”
‘Sadiq’s temperature is still high, can you come so we can take him to the hospital” she said
“Oh that’s not good, let me call to see if Dr is on seat”
“Ok toh” she said as she hung up.
Hello Dr Good evening, My son is running a temperature”

“Hello Ummi, na so na zo na ganki Yanzu but something came up I will call you Anjima inshaALLAH” I said as I called Her back
“Ok toh” she said
“Do me a favour, kar kiyi tunanin kowa se ni”
“Toh Ahmad”
Ahmad gatsau, haba mana gaskiya a samo min suna, ina lefin baby”
“Se fa baby, godo godo da kai, Har na tuna da wani video na Aisha dankano tana cewa “balan ne baby, toh bashi feeder”
“Wace ce Aisha dan kano wane Bala?” I asked
“Its a scene from a Hausa film, bari zan turn maka ka gani”
Ok toh
“Gaskiya ni babyn Ummi ne”
“Toh babyn ummi”
“Yauwa ko ke fa, toh bari na barki, will call you later” I said
This is a beautiful feeling, I can’t remember when last I’ve felt like this. Da gaske dai in aka ce you feel butterflies in your stomach, you actually feel them.

I took the next U turn na nufi Gida. It is a 20 mins drive but I did it in 15. Sadiq is my heart, I love him with ever bit of me.

some thing doesn’t seem right, i thought as I saw a couple of familiar cars by my gate. My heart skipped a bit. Inna lillah wa inna illahir rajiun . ALLAH please NO NO
Jiki na ya fara rawa.
For a brief moment my legs couldn’t carry me. I opened the car but I couldn’t move.
Should I call or should I just walk in? I kept dilly dallying
Subhanallah my heart can’t take this.
For 5 minutes I thought of all the worst thing that could have happened.
“Ya ALLAH please na roke ka da sunan ka kyawawa, ALLAH ka sa ba abin da ya faru da kowa, please ALLAH I beg you, have mercy on me, wayyo ALLAH na.
Kawai na ji hawaye na futa daga ido na.
Hard guy hard guy Yau ina, Jiki na se bari yake
I calmed my self down wiped my tears and left the car, walked calmly to the door
Que sera sera, what ever will be will be. I turned the door and opened it.

POV Ahmed
Bude kofa ke da wuya se ihun jama’a
Every body was there, my mom and dad, my siblings, my friends.
“Happy birthday” every one echoed
Thank you . Wow
“Oh my GOD you guys almost gave me a heart attack, where is the culprit, kunsan ce min tayi sadiq ba lafiya?
“Well that’s the only thing that will make you come home ASAP” she said with the biggest smile as she approached me with a lit cake.
“Happy birthday dear Ahmed, Happy birthday to you”
“Make a wish, and blow daddy!” Sadiq said happily jumping back and forth
“Soooo what did you wish for” jamila asked
“To love you more” I whispered in her ears.
We locked eyes and smiled.
“wato kai jibrilla nan ne office din senator Rufai’n.” I asked as we clapped hands!
“Happy birthday bro, ka fara tsufa dan ALLAH a nutsu, shekaru sun ja.” Jibrilla said jokingly.

“Happy birthday Amadidi na”
“Mami na gode, ya jiki?
“Mami ba lafiya” jibrilla asked
“Yes walahi malaria but I am much better dan ma Yau na je office”

“Every one to the table, food is ready” yelled jamila
We all made our way to the dinning table.
The aroma of the feast hit my nose, I quickly dug in.
Jamila loved cooking, and I am sure she cooked every thing, all my favourites.
From barbecue ribs and chicken to lasagne and potato salad, from mini hamburgers to all kinds of small chops and desserts kai har da masa da miya. My baby is indeed a magician in the kitchen.
“Are you enjoying your day” asked jamila as she held me from behind.
“ this is amazing babe, thank you”
The party was in full bloom, children running around, people in clusters gisting and laughing.
We played games, danced ate some more until it was late.
one by one people took their leave.
“Phewww what a day” Mami said
‘Bari muma mu kama hanya”
“Happy birthday Ahmadidi”
“Na gode Baba”
They both hugged sadiq and we saw them to the car.
“Se da safe”

Come here culprit where are you going”I said as I pulled jamila close to me, holding her in a tight hug.
“Thank you, this means so much to me”
“Oh there is more” she said with a smirk.
See you in my bedroom in 30 mins, the party continues” she said in a sexy tone
“walahi in na Mutu dadi ne ya kashe ni”

POV jamila.
“Haba mana nace maka 30 mins, Dan ALLAH ka tafi i want to finish the set up ne”
“ Who has 30 mins abeg”
“walahi zumudi se ka ce sabon ango, be calming down”
“Blood is hot, man’s hot” he said as he drags me.
“Today fa akwai rules Ahmed Auwal Zakari” I said with a straight face.
This took him unawares
“Bala’i, yau ana yinta.” He said a bit confused. “ I’m I safe”
“Do you want me to blow your mind”
“Please scatter am”
“Go and take a bath toh”

“Ok ok”
I wanted every thing to be perfect, from the ambiance to my little props.
It might go either way, ko ya so ko ya ce its too extreme, either way I am a girl on a mission.
I brought out the candles na kunna, immediately a sweet sensual smell filled up the room. I deemed the lights. Daki dai ya dau motion. Ko 50 shades of grey albarka. Today na today.
I quickly took a bath, got out a red corset lingerie, a matching stocking, a black bud wig and some red heels.
Wearing the lingerie was not the easiest thing in the world, Na boni, wannan kokawa? “Jamila you are getting fat “ I thought to my self
“I will go on a diet soon”

I was finally ready.
Its time.
I took a final glance at the mirror
Staring back at me was this elegant, red light district ashawo looking babe. “Ahhh this is serious” I laughed out loud. He go hear am to day!!!
I picked up my phone and dialled Ahmed’s number.
“User is on another call”
That’s weird, who is he talking to da tsakar Daren nan? I wondered.
As I was about to call again the door opened.
“What in the world is…..
“Shssss, no talking, change into this” I said as I handed him a box.
“Yes ma’am” ya karba
It was a pair of silk shorts.
He quickly changed into them.
I could tell he was excited, he has never seen me like this.
“Here is the menu for today, please choose what you you want first” I said as I handed him a hand written note.

  1. Lingerie fashion exhibition 50k
  2. Strip tease (no contact)100k
  3. Lap dance 150k
  4. Sensual Massage with happy ending 150k
  5. Sploshing 100k
  6. BDSM (client: submissive)100k/ (client: dominant) 200K
  7. Wax play 20k
  8. Impact play 50K
  9. coitus flat 100k/coitus with role play 200k
  10. After care 20K
    He took his time gazing.

He took his time gazing at the paper, se ya kalli takardar ya Kalle ni, looking at me in disbelieve.
“jamilaaaaaaa, za ki kasha dan mutane”

“I am waiting for you order, Sir”

He picked up his phone and tapped into it, and immediately my phone buzzed.
Please check you phone ma’am, I just sent my order” he said with a smirk.

I picked up my phone to see an alert of N1,000,000. I stared at my phone in disbelief
“Ma’am I will take every thing on the menu’

“OMG Ya ikram , the way he made me feel walahi kamar wata princess”
“Yaushe kika hadu da shi wannan mahalukin that sounds soo good to be true”
“Jiya da na fita” i said
“Abeg spare me with these your fantasy talks”
“Walahi this guy is different, he even called me his wife. Bayan mun gama magana ya shiga Mota then he dailed my number, and he said “Aren’t you going to pick that? Mijin ki na kira baza ki dauka ba” Ya ikram I melted
‘Ya Ikram guess which car he was driving”
Which car? She asked non chalantly
“Range Rover velar matt black, way ALLAH na”
“Dallah can wa ya sani ma ko direba ne, ya fito shan mai” he said as she laughed hysterically.
“No no ina, not my Ahmed, ko da yake yace na ringa ce mishi baby” I added
“La illa ha illallahu Muhammadan rasullillahi sallal lahu alaihi wa salam, ummi kinyi hauka”
“Walahi Ya ikram baza ki gane ba, he is every thing I want”
“Toh , time will tell, when is he coming I want to see him”.
“ He was about coming to see me yesterday but he said something came up, we haven’t spoken today dai, do you think I should call him?
“No don’t call him ki bari ya kira ki, don’t be so desperate , leave let him call you” she said
“You are right, I will wait”
Suddenly a phone rang and my heart skipped a beat, na him na him my heart was jumping.
Alas it was Ya Ikram’s uber driver.
“Where are you?’ She enquired as she stood up to leave.
“Ummi don’t call him”

I wish I had his full name, I wanted to google him, search him on instagram “who are you Ahmad me range Rover”
I searched his number on WhatsApp to check if he posts status
“Ahgggg nothing, guy doesn’t even have a display picture”
But dan ALLAH for how long zan jira call din shi, why is there a rule that he has to do the chasing, walahi even me I wan chase, Ahmed is worth chasing.
I will call him!!! ko dai na tura masa message? I kept going back and forth as anxiety rushed me.
Ina cikin wannan halin se na ji kiran sallar magrib.
“Ikon ALLAH har magariba tayi?
Na yi sallah na idar na daga Hannu.
“ALLAH where ever Ahmed is, ALLAH kasa ya kasa sukuni se ya kira ni, zuciyar sa ta ta radadi da so na, kar ya kalle ko wacce macce a matsayin macce in ba ni ba” amin.

“Omo jiya na rantse na zata mutuwa zan yi jibrilla”
Kai fa dadi na da kai exaggeration, baba”
“Walahi duk bayanın da zan maka ba ganewa za kayı ba, na Farko dai wani list aka bani na kayan alatu iri iri aka ce se na biya za amin su, now this list had lap dance, trip tease, kai tsaya I have a picture of the list” I took out my phone and showed him
“Kut this is a joke right? “
“ Na rantse maka da ALLAH ni kai na har Yanzu ji nake kamar mafarki nayi na tashi”
“Toh da me da me ka siya” he asked all excited
“Bro I bought every thing, komai alaji kOMAI, walahi jiya har kukan kare a ka sani na ringa haushi”
“Inna lillah “ he said as we busted out laughing and hitting each other.
“Jibirilla har da handcuffs da whip, kai, ba a magana fa”
Ga wani shegen massage alaji , kai walahi yarinyar nan ta ruda min kwakwalwa”
“Ita dai jamila mu ta gargajiya”
Walahi jibrilla ni kai na at some point I wondered Anya kuwa jamila ce Ko kuma mafarki nake”
“Walahi da kyar na tashi yau, i actually wanted to call in sick, dan ina jinya!!! “ I laughed out loud. ‘Simply the best night of my life”
“Guy continue now se mene”
“Ai jibrilla sauran ba masu musaltuwa bane, kawai in ana sallah ba a magana, mu Shafa fatiha kawai”
“Guy dan ALLAH zan kawo suwaiba, ta dau wannan darasin, walahi ni kam na gaji kullum jiya wa yau very boring”
Walahi ka kawo ta, amma me żaka ce mata, wouldnt it hurt her feelings? I asked concerned.
“I will just bring her kai kuma se kai wa jamila bayani , ka san mata da dabara” he said almost pleading.
“No Wahala”
“So ya yesterday you were talking about some one you met?” He asked
“Laaaaa walahi har na manta da ita, kaga na gaya maka ba karamin seti Jam tamin ba”
Guy let me be going home bansan meye a menu din yau ba!!!
“Now you are just showing off, ALLAH na nan”
We said our good byes and I headed straight home.
Wow I can’t believe what an episode can do, I am obsessed with jamila 2.0. She is now a mystery to me. What happened? What ignited this new person? I am intrigued.
It really felt tabooish like I was with a different woman, this thing dey scattered my brain.
But wait what about Ummi”
“Who is ummi” said one part of my brain.
Just cancel her.

“When are you coming back” I asked as I watch jamila pack her suit case.
“On Sunday insha ALLAH, the naming ceremony is on Friday, Saturday na dan zaga yan uwa”
“I will be lonely in this house”
“Lets go now, at least you will have a good rest from work, Mutum ya ta aiki ba hutu” she said.
“I have back to back meetings walahi kuma kawai se a ganni godo godo na taho suna da mata ta?”
“Se me toh”

I watched her as she finished packing and rolled her box out of the room.
“Come to daddy, daddy is going to miss you, will you miss daddy? “ I said smothering sadiq with a hug.
“Oya come and get your hug, we need to go now if not we will miss our flight” jamila said
“Don’t gooooooo” I said letting out a fake cry as I lay my head on jamila’s chest.
“Mommy will be right back baby” she said as she rubbed my head ever so gently.

“Malam sake ni wallah za muni missing flight” she said as she struggled to break away from my tight hug.
“Ok ok ok mu je na raka ku mota”
“Bye bye daddy” “bye sadiq”
“Zan kira ka when we board”
“Bye babe

I stood there as I watch their car leave the drive way.
I wave one last time and went back into the house.
“I need to take a nap, I am so exhausted” I thought as I threw my self into my bed.
I close my eyes but sleep no gree come so I scrolled my phone aimlessly down instagram streets.
“Omo this girl fine!!!!! Chai”
“This one too much abeg yan matan nan su ta BBL see this one like box”
“How on earth is this even possible , all this motivational speakers sef”
These couples are just pretending basa wani son juna, all for the gram, we see through you “
“Oh wow interesting ALLAH Sarki Hadiza”

“Hello jibrilla guess who I just saw on instagram, ka tuna Hadiza from Uni” I asked as I placed a call to jibrilla.
“Hadiza barazana?”
“Yes ita, walahi I just saw her se Yanzu tayi aure, saw her pictures are wani wedding blog haka.”
“Guy you broke that girl’s heart, the girl almost committed suicide”

Kai bansan sharri, but she became uninteresting and Naggy, she was suffocating me, guy duk inda na motsa tana makale da ni, I just couldn’t handle it”
“But there was a better way than how you jilted her, you did her wrong” he said.
“Ka san ni when I am done I don’t linger, you just give them false hope”
“True, guy talk to you later za mu fita da Hajiya suwaiba” he said as he quickly dropped the phone.
“Amma jibrilla anyi dan air, wai Hajiya suwaiba” i laughed

I got some WhatsApp messages so I scrolled to see them.
“Groups, shit I hate groups walahi” I hissed.
Scrolled through all and decided to go through status.
“I don’t understand women, every thing is posted on status”
“Duk yadda akayı Sadiya sunyi fada da Abdul, which one is na Miji buhun kaya”
“Kun yi fada ke nan i replied her.
Lol Sadiya is my cousin.
I scrolled and had a good laugh, but suddenly Ummi’s photo popped up.
Gaskiya yarinyar nan is beautiful.
“Beautiful baby” I replied her
Almost immediately she replied.
“Lost but found”
“Hey ya kike”
I am fine , kwanza biyu, hope you are ok” she replied
“Yes great, ya what are you up to”
“Nothing much, watching wani series, kana gallon Korean series”
“No, I feel series is a waste of time, I just watch films but not series”
“You day miss, Korean series duniya ne, akwai a lot of twist and turns”
“O may be some day”
There was a long pause.
I watched as the dots came in and stopped, it took for ever to drop.
“So when are we seeing” she typed.
Reluctantly “I typed when do you want to see me”
“Today, in fact in da so sama ne Yanzu”
“Girl be calming down” I wrote with a wink emoji.
“Ok drop your location zan zo Wurin 5”
“See you in a bit”

“Ya Ikram, dan ALLLAH bari na saka sabon dinkin nan naki, please” i said as I made my face up
“Why, ni me kaya ban saka ba se ke, where are you even going” she asked
“Ahmad is coming “ I said filled with glee.
“Oh finally he called, hallelujah” she smirked
“Yes wo, i told you fa gaye ya Fola and you were doubting me”
“It took him over a week to call you, madam that’s not definition of falling”
“Ni dai can I borrow kayan, please har da galena da aka miki delivery jiya dan ALLAH”
“Shoe and bag fa da sarka da dankunne?”
Yauwa Ya Ikram na gode duk kawo mun su, ciro min na kunnen ki” i said as I attempted to remove her earring.
“I will slap sense into you” said Ikram as she slapped my hands off her ear.
Suddenly my phone rang.
I leaped with glee.
“Its him its him” I said excitedly.
“Dan ALLAH in kika fita ki dan kama Aji, please play small hard to get, Abeg”
“Hello, are you out side” I asked
“Yes I am, I am actually hungry akwai Resturant around here ne” he asked
“Ai da na sani I could have cooked some thing for you, no problem amma akwai wani resturant down the road” I said
“Cook for him, kai amma ummi ke wai wacce iri ce, havent you learnt any thing from me” ikram said with slight disgust.
“ Dan ALLAH ki dena rawar jiki”
“Ya Ikram where did your own jan aji take you? Ni I don’t believe in boye boye gaskiya, if I love I go show, Garin jan aji, ajin ya tsinke”
“Kinga tafiya ta, would you want some take out?” I asked with a laugh

I waved excitedly as I approached the car, this time he came In a white Mercedes S class.
“Chai money is good, I reject poverty for ever amen” I said to my self as I opened the door.
Ina bude motar sanyi ya bugo ni hadde da kamshi mara musaltuwa mingled with the smell of tobacco. “Does he smoke”

“We meet again “ he said with a smile
“Yes ‘ I said shyly.
“You smell nice what are you wearing, smells like oud ispahan” he asked

“Impressive, you have a good nose” I said with a smile.
See this one, me that is wearing oil perfume I bought from one vendor from instagram, N3,000 na you know Oud ispahan but I gats to maintain

‘How is work”
“Work is great but exhausting, so where do we eat, I am famished “ he said

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