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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northern Hibiscus?

Northern Hibiscus transcends a typical website. It's a digital sensation crafted for the Hausa-speaking community, offering a retreat into a world where culture thrives, connections are nurtured, and positivity reigns.

To be part of this unique experience, simply register on our website. This will give you access to our diverse offerings, including our blog, social network, marketplace, and VOD services.

With a subscription fee of N2000, you unlock the entire Northern Hibiscus experience, encompassing a culturally rich blog, a dynamic social network, a versatile marketplace, and our exclusive VOD content.

Northern Hibiscus is an immersive cultural journey. It's a platform where you don't just visit, but belong. Here, you'll find a fusion of culture, community, and a sense of belonging, all in one digital space.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so through your account settings. However, please note that this will revoke your access to all areas of Northern Hibiscus.

We currently do not offer a free trial. Our subscription provides immediate, full access to all the unique features and content of Northern Hibiscus.

We highly value your feedback and are here to assist. For any inquiries or suggestions, please reach out to our customer service team via the contact section on our website.

Northern Hibiscus is designed to be family-friendly. However, we advise parents to utilize the parental control features on our VOD service for customized viewing experiences for younger audiences.

We are committed to regularly updating our platform with fresh, engaging content across all our sections, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for our community members.