Marriage Not Mirage

You know that relief you get when it's finally your turn at the ATM queue at that time of the month when almost the whole city is at the ATM queue? Or that coolness of going from a slow creepy mobile network to a 4G with a super speed, or that relief you get from holding on from...

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I went through his phone

There is this perception that women have that men cannot be trusted especially when it comes to talking to other women apart from you. One thing you need to remember is that trust plays a huge role in your relationship and without it..I’m sorry but it’s bound to fail. It is no secret that there are some men...

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The 5 women who men don’t want

As a woman the same way you try to avoid certain men, you also need to take a minute and think about the kind of woman you are. You need to understand and identify what you might be doing wrong while dating them and whether the kind of woman you are attracts men or sends them away. We...

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You can’t change him

The worst lie you could believe or tell yourself is that you can change a man. However a man will change if he wants might be because of you or it might be because of something else but he has to do it on his own. Men try to avoid those women whose sole purpose is to...

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5 types of men who won’t marry you

“I’m not looking for anything serious “ These are the majority of men I’ve come across who tell you they’re not looking for a serious relationship. This kind of guy dates A LOT of women and when he realises you’ve caught feelings and want him to commit to you he brings out that excuse. I mean he could...

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I am living my best life. - So when I was growing up I had this boy I was really in love with. Komai nashi birge ni yake. His smile, the way he talks komai. - So ran nan muna hira ya ke cewa "Ni kin san zuciya gare ni, if my wife upsets me, I will slap...

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Most guys just want a roommate.

There were a lot of findings I had discussing with friends; different backgrounds, different level of education, across different age groups and also of different orientations and general world outlook. Marriage in its sense has been repainted by the society, by civilization, by the youth to now mean another thing, to now stand for another thing other than...

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What is your love language?

There are a lot of people that are not aware that love has 5 different languages. Due to this lack of knowledge, it’s very easy for individuals to jump to conclusions that their spouse/partner is not showing them love or is not romantic. The same way some people are great at chatting on the phone but aren’t great...

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Let the best man win

Have you ever heard of the saying “ don’t let your boyfriend stop you from finding your future husband”, if you haven’t ..well now you have and I absolutely agree to it. There are people however who oppose to this statement claiming that it implies a girl will cheat on her boyfriend in hopes of finding another man...

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His friends are not your friends

His friends are not your friends There are quite a lot of females in a relationship who feel like if their partners friends love them then their partner would love them more. However this doesn’t apply to any and every relationship. Unless you already share the same group of friends with him already then there is no problem....

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