28 Missed Calls. Episode 5

At the age of four, I got the very first shock of my life, physically. I was in bed for almost a week after it happened. I had gone to give a hug to the new refrigerator father bought then but the refrigerator being a sadist didn't welcome me with open arms. It gave me a shake that...

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28 missed calls, episode 4

I particularly sucked at dreams, but that day whilst the skies opened up their hearts to the occupants of this world, this earth, I listened with keen attention as Khadijah narrated what she enjoyed, what she looked forward to and with every sentence came a thank you and a giggle, I could imagine her on her bed, I...

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28 Missed Calls. Episode 3

Days started turning to weeks and soon Khadija and I have gotten this huge bond, this strong thing I couldn't explain. That kind of feeling that was excruciatingly good and out of this world. Something outstanding, huge and big. I didn't even know how it became that sweet, delicious and Khadija was something I was always looking forward...

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Samir After greeting Na’ilah’s parents and some light banter we found our seats, Na’ilah sat on a chair adjacent to me but far enough that I couldn’t make conversation. It felt deliberate. It didn’t stop me from daydreaming however. Na’ilah, she was nothing like what I was used to. Her soft voice always sounded like she had just...

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28 missed calls episode 2

That night, sleep didn't come to me. It felt as if I had offended it as much as I felt like I had offended Khadijah. I kept playing it vividly in my head, the scene of how it had all happened that day, how I felt I had disappointed her, hurt her and left a big wound in...

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28 Missed Calls. Episode 1

The afternoon smelled of coffee flavors as the breeze outside danced along with ghosts, to the beautiful sounds and whispers of the Harmattan wind. It was usual for most citizens to stay indoors at that time of the year for fear of being ridiculed from the torture of the atmosphere. That was the season of earthquakes on lips...

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Interlogue I don’t believe it. Did that really happen? Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming. This can’t be real. How can that person, someone I trusted, someone I grew to love, someone who is by moral standards meant to protect me do this? How can one be so evil, so vile, so wicked, so ruthless!!. That person...

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Samir I watched the yellow street lights pass by in a blur. It was otherwise a dark still night, there was no moon in sight. The roads of Kano were unusually quiet tonight with very few vehicles in sight. Between Lodge Road to Audo Bako junction I had counted no more than three cars, it was peaceful. There...

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I was dropped in a dark room; totally blindfolded! That was after my foolish effort to rescue Yerseerah had failed! I received a letter that if I still loved Yasirah and wanted to see her, I should go to meet a particular man at a point around Kufaina. I went to the police station and told them everything...

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"A.baseet", he said as he came closer and dropped his hand on my shoulders "I was almost attacked too, that same night, but God helped me escape. And after thorough investigations, plus the little you just told me now. I know who is behind this. It was all Al’Ameen". He grabbed a seat and was ready to give...

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