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3 Homemade masks for glowing skin

Which woman doesn’t want her skin to glow? I know that there’s nothing I love more than when I see women having that natural glow. However, most of them buy products which when you hear their price you have to swallow plenty saliva! Below are a few recipes to try at home to achieve that glowing skin! As...

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Facial hair is like makeup for men

s your man really fine without his beard? That’s the question that comes to mind when I see men that have facial hair. I mean let’s be honest, those men who belong to beard gang are just too handsome. There’s just something about having a full dark luscious beard that makes a man attractive. Men tend to ask...

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It should be normal human thing to take care of yourself and be presentable wherever you go. However, as a lady you need to put in more effort, this is because you do the “attracting”. In the world we live in, women hardly approach guys and make the first move, especially northern women before one will approach a...

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5 Simple Ways To Care For Your Body

Our bodies are not indestructible, and there is only so far we can push them before they start to fail. I should know. Roughly three years have passed since my body became unwell, for whatever reasons. Despite suffering from extreme exhaustion and constant joint and muscle pains, like those you get when you have the flu, I've only...

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7 Wonderful Sex Tips for Men

The role of sex in a relationship or marriage cannot be overemphasised as researchers have proven that the reason for most broken marriages revolves around the sex life of the couple.It is an undisputed fact that it is not every problem that money can solve especially when it comes to issues of the heart and emotions.A man who understands...

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Why you should stop eating egg whites

Scan the “healthy” section of a brunch menu and there you’ll find it: the world’s saddest order, the egg white omelet. This time will be different, you think, these things aren’t so bad, but then you stare down at the flat, pale pancake of liquid protein and think to yourself: Why do I do this to myself? You...

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11 ways to prevent menstrual pain

That time of month comes like clockwork—and the cramps can be a distress. But you don’t have to go down in pain. There are a few steps you can take to banish menstrual pain. Water. You can never go wrong with water. While it won’t curb you cramps, it helps with bloating which makes cramps feel worse. Keep...

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I am really excited about this re branding, saboda we got one product named after us!!!!!! Before na cika ku da surutu, Urganics is a skin care product line, with amazing products yawanci made from natural products. su man kwakwa, sabulun salo, man kade da sauran su. Their products consist of, soaps, scrubs, lotions and shampoos you can...

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 Aure seems to suit our youngest queen. The Emir of Kano's fourth and youngest wife, Sa'adatu Barkindo was spotted looking radiant as ever in new pictures she posted on her instagram page. The daughter of late Lamido of Adamawa,  Barkindodo-Musdafa married the former CBN governor sometime back in 2016 when she was 18 years old. She is currently...

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